The Cleanest Day Drive

The Cleanest Day Drive

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” this is the proverb popularly in use in this new generation. On September 28, 2011, we had Cleanest Day Drive which helped us to make our surroundings clean and make a better living for us and for others too. Our present generation uses all the facilities but never thinks about disposing the waste. Children can create awareness to the new generation by participating in this drive. While using thinks which is not biodegradable one must always remember the 3 R’s that is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. When we throw garbage we are wounding mother earth that provides us with all that we need our mother is severely wounded and needs immediate help from her children. So the children of Mount Carmel Central School have rendered help as much as possible to our dear mother earth by taking this project seriously.

Students express their view on the cleanest day drive:

“It was a sunny afternoon when we left from our school to clean our surroundings. There was lot of greenery around. We were given responsibility of cleaning the Helipad ground and its surroundings we moved out of the gate with great enthusiasm to create awareness among the people to keep our city clean as we walk we found many plastics and papers we picked them and our teachers also helped them. Truly it was fun cleaning our surroundings and we are proud that we cleaned our surroundings.”

                                                                                                Sweeny Senol
Class IX

“We the students class VIII was assigned to clean the surroundings outside our school premises and Maryhill to Airport Road .According to my friends all were happy about the fact that they too were a part of a group which provided a helping hand. Overall it was a pleasant experience. “

Prateek Shetty
Class VIII

“It was a good day to clean the surroundings of our school. We had to clean our surroundings from Maryhill to Yeyyadi Road. Our class teacher supervised our work and guided us by extending her helping hand too. I enjoyed and I am proud that I was involved in some kind of social work”

Class VII

The Cleanest Day Drive held on 28th September was an amazing experience. We showed our love towards nature by cleaning the surrounding areas of Maryhill bus stand. We picked the wrappers, plastics, bottles and mamy more waste materials. We have been graciously blessed for being in this School and being given this opportunity to take part in the drive.                                                                       

Class VI

“We class 5 students were given the responsibility of cleaning the backyard of our School. That day we all were very happy cleaning the places. We all shared our gloves with our friends who did not have the gloves and we cleaned the place with the help of our teachers.”


Class V

Class II, III & IV worked together inside the school campus. I worked hard with all my friends. We had a lot of fun. But we were sad to see that our mother nature was being polluted. We spent a useful time cleaning our surroundings.

Class IV

Young enthusiastic Carmelites took active participation in the eco friendly campaign. It was a practical exposure towards the pollutants of the environment. Our eco friends created awareness among the local citizens about the proper disposal of bio-degradable and non – biodegradable wastes in our surroundings. The task undertaken was very joyful; there was pleasure of satisfaction that we could contribute some eco friendly task to protect our planet earth.

Save Environment

                               Save Earth

                                                   Keep our Surroundings Clean.