Summer Camp 2022 ends on a happy note

Summer Camp 2022 ends on a happy note

The Summer Camp held this year for the students of our School has been a memorable one, from Zumba sessions, solving puzzles at the Math Lab, to cooking without fire to make a snack, from clay modelling to spending time with friends. The children enjoyed the field trip to Pilikula the most, wherein they visited the science park and watched a 3-D movie, a close to life experience where the children felt they were a part of the Galaxy. Yoga and Games sessions kept the children active and occupied. A Fire Drill organized by the school from the fire department was informative. The Mini Mela, Recreational games and the Face painting was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The perfect ending to any program is to finish best. The camp ended on April 13th with the campers show-casing their talents and skills learnt at the camp through a finale programme, which was a memorable one. A few shared their experiences too.

Josyl Fernandes from Grade V pens down when asked about his experience at the Summer Camp this year “My first session was clay modelling. I learnt to make an eagle and elephant there. Finally, at the end of all the sessions I made dinosaurs out of clay, painted them and it looked no less than the Jurassic Park! The communicative English class got interesting where we learnt a French Greetings Song with the meanings of the French words in English which I thoroughly enjoyed learning. Word games like Spellathon and Jumbled Words got me engaged in guessing what the hidden words were. I learnt to make Kokum Mojito, Charmuri and Monaco Sandwich, and painted and decorated a clay diya which was fun. The Atal Tinkering Lab activities were the most innovative for me as I made a robotic arm and a water dispenser at the lab. From Drawing sessions to Mini Mela and a visit to the Planetarium, the days spent at the Summer Camp will be etched in my memory forever!

Says Shanel Andria DSouza from Grade IV “This is my first summer camp. I was excited to take part in it. The teachers were very friendly and lovable towards us. Many competitions were conducted with exciting prizes. I enjoyed the trip to the planetarium, Science Park where we watched a 3D movie. I made so many new friends here.

Salvina from Grade III tells “I really liked cooking without fire. They wrote the method of preparing a particular dish on the board. The ingredients used and the demonstration of how to prepare the dish was very clear. We even got to taste the food we prepared. I think our teachers are wonderful chefs!”

Nigel and Daniel of Grade II say “We loved the Math Lab activity the most. We played and also learnt to divide and multiply at the same time. It was fun playing addition and division board games. We learnt to solve math problems in a fun way!

Sudhanva, a student as young as from Grade I had a different view when asked about his experience about the summer camp. He says,” The camp fulfilled my parents’ wish to be out of electronic gadgets and involve myself in innovative thinking and ideas. I would like to thank my school for providing such a wonderful opportunity.

A tiny tot Rion Skylar DSouza from LKG innocently says “This was the first summer camp of my life. I enjoyed it as my teachers taught me to read and write, dance and sing. I learnt Zumba, yoga, cooking and playing with clay. Park time with friends was the best. The summer camp was a 10 on 10…A+. Thank you dear sisters and teachers. I love you”.

While Lynn Chrissal DSouza, a student of UKG writes down a poem based on her summer camp experience:

‘We spread around, moved our feet and danced to the beat.
Ate yummy food, jumped up high, touched the peak.
Got a rainbow on my cheek!’

Thank you dear teachers for all the help, love and care. I am a HAPPY camper!!.

In the end, the Summer Camp held this year at our School was one of friendship-building, reinforcing independence, learning new skills thereby leading to creativity. The camp has also instilled in the campers a sense of appreciation and gratitude towards their teachers and mentors. Overall, the summer camp was of fun and entertainment which aimed at building a child’s interest in anything outside of the school’s core subjects or curriculum.

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