Summer Camp – 2017

Summer Camp – 2017

Our school once again organised a summer camp for the students of UKG to Class VI from 30th March to 19th April, 2017, to make it an interesting and adventurous time for children to take off from their regular chore of going to school and working down to the curriculum.

This camp had an overwhelming participant of 152 students eager to enjoy the exciting activities like zumba/yoga, art and craft, science lab experiments, stitching, games, cooking without fire, water play, earth hour etc etc
The highlight of the camp was the movie in the Big Screen theatre, camp fire and mini mela. Each day was filled with great energy, cheer, bright smiles which showed the joy of the campers.

Every day began with yoga where the campers meditated and learnt different asanaas from a trained instructor. Zumba was one of the most exciting session to the campers.

The days when technology overpowers the artistic skills in our present generation, the campers were excited to do various art & craft items which ignited their creative talent. They took home articles like photo frames, bookmark, hand fans, soap trays decorated as cradles, artistic pots, fabric painted vests and many more.

The following science lab observations and experiments were conducted for the campers: Observation on kaleidoscope, model of the solar system, optical illusion, learning the functioning of the vacuum cleaner, dissection of the hibiscus flower etc. During these, the teachers were convinced that experimentation is an essential part of learning and the campers were really a bunch of smart observant children.

The sessions on threading the needle added further adventure and helped the children to learn some of the basic stitches.

Basketball, volleyball, table tennis, carrom board, ludo, chess, snake and ladder were some of the exciting games that made the campers little champs of Mount Carmel.

The campers were set to beat the heat this summer with ‘water play’. Teachers arranged different water games like hitting the water balloons, hit the joker etc. Special attraction was the rain dance which all the campers enjoyed to the fullest.

‘Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth’. Realising this importance, Earth hour was organised to be able to closely associate with one of the natural resource – ‘soil’. Children made beautiful sand castles and also came up with their creativity making tortoise, igloo, pond, small towers etc with clay.

The cooking classes not only activated the taste buds but one could also see the eagerness of the campers in knowing the ingredients that go into the preparation of every snack like puffed rice chat, Russian cone salad, chick pea salad and many more mouth watering snacks.

The campers were taken to the theatre to watch a 3D movie ‘Boss Baby’. They enjoyed the pleasant experience as for the first time they went for a movie with their friends and teachers.

A mini- mela was organised with a live experience of a fare. Coupons were used as currency in order to learn the value of money. All the students enjoyed while having loads of fun playing games arranged in different stalls.

The camp concluded on 19th April 2017 with the camp fire. It was the most enjoyable and memorable event for both the teachers and the students. The camp fire was declared open by the Principal Sr. Melissa who also gave her message. There was a short cultural programme where the campers performed various dances, action songs and cheered one another through different types of claps. At the end, the children and the staff joined the fellowship meal together. At dusk, the campers left with good memories of this camp. Our ‘Summer Camp’ was a success with the support of the faculty of MCCS.