Seminar on NCF organised for the primary teachers

Seminar on NCF organised for the primary teachers

A day’s seminar on NCF – National Curriculum Framework at the Foundational Stage was organised to the staff of all the primary schools of our management, the Apostolic Carmel Educational Society on May 24th at our school. The seminar commenced invoking God’s blessings. Principal Sr. Melissa joyfully welcomed the gathering and introduced the resource person, Mr Ignatius Kuriakose.

The seminar was inaugurated by illuminating the lamp by Sr Maria Sudeepa A.C, the secretary of the Apostolic Carmel Educational Society along with the other dignitaries. The resource person Mr Ignatius Kuriakose began the session briefing about National Curriculum Framework under the New Education Policy 2020. He mentioned all the stages of education and specifically highlighted the foundational stage, i.e. pre-school 3+2 for the age group 4 to 8 years. He emphasised learning should take place through play way method where the facilitators believe in the ability of the child to learn by themselves. In this method the child explores and learns from his/her own mistakes and comes to the actual learning by doing. This was supported by a number of activities. He focused on experiential learning along with incidental learning which enhances the vocabulary and opens the curiosity within the child at an early stage of learning. He further spoke on the aims of NEP 2020, namely health, safety and nutrition, motor skills, hygiene, communication with the prime care giver, peer relationship, sitting tolerance, ethical development and forming all-round good habits.

Post lunch, he discussed the goals of Foundational Literacy and Numeracy supported by activities. He further brought to light the main domains of learning which can or should happen through play way approach, hands on activities which make learning effortless and fruitful. He conducted activities facilitating language and literacy which play an important part in the holistic development of a child. He urged the facilitators to encourage communication through drama and role play. The facilitators were thrilled to understand how foundational numeracy can be put across to the children through play way method, which makes the child understand concepts clearly. He equipped the teachers gathered by making them actively participate in various activities to enhance conceptual learning a shift from rote to activity based which supports joyful learning which is one of the aims of NEP.

Teacher Dayonara of our school compeered the programme and teacher Alice Pinto from Carmel School delivered the vote of thanks. The seminar was sponsored by Orient Blackswan Publications and Mr. Chethan the area manager was present.

The seminar ended empowering the teachers at the primary level to face the change, face challenges and face the childhood.

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