Seasons celebrated at Mount Carmel Kindergarten

Seasons celebrated at Mount Carmel Kindergarten

One need not have to wait, for the climate to change from summer to rain, winter to spring.

MCCS kindergarten section ushered in the four seasons on 26th July 2017. The objective of these seasons was to facilitate concrete learning showcased by the UKG children. The saying ‘Motivation leads to action, action leads to results’ was well depicted in each section.

Section A was bright as Mr. Sun had visited the class with the theme ‘SUMMER’. Along with him he brought gifts of seasonal fruits of all sizes and shapes like the big jack fruit, water melon, juicy mango, soft bananas and the healthiest liquid tender coconut. The class was decorated with summer wear and the protective device, umbrella. The smartest and the coolest sight was to see the kids in their sun shades.

Bye Bye summer and welcome RAIN said section C. The class was armed with colourful umbrellas of giant, medium to miniature size which could shelter about 40 of them from rain. It was delightful to watch the student’s squat on the floor engrossed examining their art work – umbrellas. What was worth watching was a student sitting under the shade of a huge umbrella to welcome all. Students also welcomed us with a slogan ‘Rainy day, Jolly day’. Every child carried home a memento of a mini umbrella which was a feast to the eyes of their parents.

‘I for igloo, I for ice’ – section A was aptly decorated showcasing the season WINTER. Students could relate to their learning when they saw snow clad mountains and the pine trees. The class was further decorated with different types of woolen clothes. The teacher went a way forward by exhibiting a beautiful fire place showing one of the techniques of keeping oneself warm in winter season.

Section D made one marvel at the bounties of the Almighty in AUTUMN. Flowers of various shapes, size and scent decorated the class. Every child carried home an art of maple tree as a keepsake.

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