Purpose Driven Learning for Future through Field Trips 2024

Purpose Driven Learning for Future through Field Trips 2024

 “Children are meant to move and be outdoors. Having more time for unstructured, outdoor play is essentially like a reset button.” said the educationist, Debbie Rhea.

We have always prioritized taking education beyond the walls of the classroom and with this vision field trips were planned for the students of kindergarten to grade XII.

The kindergarten children went to a closer by IJS Farm, Kavoor to spend time with domestic animals and absorb the richness of greenery in the kitchen garden amidst areca and coconut trees followed by a train ride in Kadri Park. The students of grades 1, 2 and 3 had an educational visit to the Head Post Office and grade 4 to a local Police Station. While the address by the Sub Inspector shed light on various safety measures and the importance of individual effort towards the maintenance of ‘law and order’, the know-how at the post office was informative and fascinating for the students. A great deal of awareness was evoked in the students of grade V who visited the local Fire Station and learnt of the different ways to be vigilant and safeguard themselves from commonly caused fire hazards.

A collective adventure unfolded as students from grades 6, 7 and 8 embarked on a field trip to explore the cultural, historical and recreational facets of Karkala. Providing a harmonious blend of historical exploration and cultural awareness by the visit to Sri Gomateshwara Statue and Attur Church, these children experienced the recreational enjoyment at John’s Water World. Watching Science come alive was an educational fest for the students of grade 9 at the Regional Science Center at Pilikula which served to enhance their conceptual understanding and real world application of concepts. The students of grade 11 visited the Bonda Factory and the fun that followed at Manasa Water Park served as a well-deserved break from the monotony of the mind. It was indeed a shift in the atmosphere for the students of grade 10 as they took a recreational trip to Tinton Adventure Resort, Kundapur with a couple of stop over’s at historical places along the way. Grade 12 took a long adventurous journey to Coorg to enjoy the scenic beauty on the way and visited the Nisargadhama, Abbey falls, Raja seat, golden temple etc.

These school field trips left an indelible mark on our students providing a harmonious blend of nature, historical exploration, socio-cultural awareness and recreational enjoyment. Such immersive experiences contribute significantly to the holistic development of the students, fostering a love for purpose-driven learning for future.

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