Project of Grade I, II & III on ‘Know the Millets – Embrace Good Health’

Project of Grade I, II & III on ‘Know the Millets – Embrace Good Health’

The International year of Millets 2023 led the students of grade I, II and III to put their best foot forward to undertake a project on Millets called, “Know the Millets – Embrace good health.” The students undertook the project with great excitement and fervour. The project was executed through seven interesting activities from February 10th to 28th 2023.

Activity 1 – The students of Grade I, II and III were given a brief awareness by their teachers of the various millets grown in India, its benefits through a Power Point Presentation and a video clipping.

Activity 2 – enhanced the curiosity of the students as they felt the size, shape, texture and colour of the different millets followed by an activity of germination.

Activity 3 – brought in the awareness in the students of the richness in agriculture and the different States of our country in which the millets are cultivated. Next, an evaluation was conducted in which the students identified the given millets with the particular State. Grade II students were busy with their hands working on beautiful craft prepared with the millets. The taste buds were tickled by the yummy healthy millet drink prepared by the mentors assisted by the students.

Activity 4 – the students became one with the melody of the song, ‘Chal Bharath, Ut Bharath’ when they learnt this song on millets. They jumped with joy as they tuned their spirits to the tune of this jolly song.

Activity 5 – the unsung heroes “Our Farmers – The toil of their hands” was depicted very meaningfully in the form of a skit by the students of Grade I.

Activity 6 – was truly an adventure to witness the miracles of millets. The students brought with them the germinated millet. The scene looked like the fields walking into the classrooms of MCCS.

Activity 7 – was worth the 6 days activities, because it was a tempting, “Millet Snack Break “which was the best and the finest part of the project. The International Science Day was celebrated with great joy by having a ‘Millet Snack Break’. The supportive parents prepared a snack of the allotted millet and sent it with their ward to be shared with others. It was gratifying and heart-warming to see the students sitting in a circle as a family enjoying millet snacks to their heart’s content. This project was a great experience to focus on our good health and spread the awareness of the miracles of Millets on our health.

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