Primary PTA General Body Meeting 2016

Primary PTA General Body Meeting 2016

It is said that a teacher should inspire a child to achieve academic success but it is the parent who inspires the child to use that success in a way that influences positive change in the world.

PTA General Body meeting of the primary section was held at the school auditorium on 9th July 2016. Ms. Shwetha K T, Clinical Psychologist and Counselor was the chief Guest. The meeting began by invoking God’s blessings through a prayer song sung by a group of students of class V.

Principal Sr. Melissa welcomed the gathering and made the parents aware of a few important rules and regulations of the school. Senior teacher Ms. Vidya Rai briefed the parents about the various aspects of CCE – Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation system.

Ms. Shwetha in her address to the gathering, highlighted that, Parents, teachers, siblings, elders and friends play an important role in child development and more importantly, the family and teachers have a critical role in this process. Every child is unique and each one is good in one thing or the other and no child is beyond hope. Appraisal at every stage in the growth of the child will generate joy in learning. Teachers and parents have to help the child to learn from frivolous successes as well as fruitful failures. Some children may be action-oriented. They cannot sit quiet for long. They love sports and activities and enjoy being tough and tumble. Some others may be gregarious, like to be in interaction with people. While some children are thinkers and some are dreamers. If the learning synchronizes with their inherent talents and aptitudes, it becomes easy and enjoyable for the children even from a young age. It was indeed a very interactive and informative session.

Education is a shared commitment between motivated students, dedicated teachers, enthusiastic parents and supportive Management to meet our expectations. Though we have Annual Parents meet and open house interactions, a strong “PTA Executive committee” will be of benefit to all the parents, guardians and teachers and will enable us to tap into a valuable network, a resource pool that helps in the overall development of the students and the progress of the school.

The election to the Executive members of the PTA was conducted by Sr. Carissima A.C., the administrator of the school. At the end, Principal Sr. Melissa kept the meeting open for queries, where the parents raised a few issues to be addressed by the school. The principal noted the views expressed and assured that these concerns will be looked into.

The meeting ended with the words of gratitude expressed by teacher Jyotsna. The programme was compeered by teacher Sushma Pearl.

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