Our students walking in the Spirit of Christmas – Sharing & Caring

Our students walking in the Spirit of Christmas – Sharing & Caring

One of the main reasons why Christmas is a time for giving is to remind us of the Christmas story. Of course, it was Jesus who received the gifts of Frankincense, Gold, and Myrrh from the Eastern Kings at His birth. Each of these gifts also has its own meaning and then there is the main gift Jesus himself.

What is sharing after all? It means the sharing of ourselves with others. It means giving to others who need our help. It means promoting and participating in the magic and wonder that children find in Christmas.

Here at Mount Carmel Central School, the annual “Love Offering” was laid out with zeal and enthusiasm. Children brought in their offering in cash and kind given by their parents generously. The value of giving was imbibed in the children by striking the importance of love which creates a bond. Children brought in coconuts, eatables, toiletries, rice and cash for the needy. The offerings were later distributed to White Doves Destitute Home, Jeevadan and Sneha Sadan HIV Rehabilitation Centres, Infant Mary’s Home for the abandoned, St. Anthony’s Ashram, Veronica Vihar for the mentally challenged, Mother Theresa’s Home for the aged, St. Agnes Special School, Saanidhya Residential School and to a few other children’s homes in the city.

A few students along with their teachers visited these institutions with cash, gifts, smiles and words of kindness which brought in tears specially in our students and the people they visited. The students ensured that the Christmas spirit remained high by presenting a short yet energetic program which included prayer, Christmas carols and dance. The students then lingered on with the inmates, interacting with them and listening to their feelings expressed.

Children gained an understanding that by volunteering their time, money, smile, kind words and energy to help others, doesn’t just make the world better – but it also makes you and me better.

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