Our Campaign to Segregation of Waste

Our Campaign to Segregation of Waste

The school had a wet waste, dry waste campaign on October 21st and 22nd. The mentors briefed the children about the benefits of keeping the environment clean and also the hazards if the environment is polluted by various ways. The teachers demonstrated the segregation of wet waste and dry waste and also briefed them about what goes into the wet waste and dry waste. Further, they educated the children of the usage of the wet waste, how it can be converted into compost or biogas.

The students had some hands-on activities where they dropped the wet waste and dry waste from the classroom and their lunch boxes into the appropriate bins placed in their classroom. A few students were involved in “Tongue-twister challenge”. Some also made bins out of waste material and used them in their classrooms. A few others prepared the labels for waste bins. This habit of segregating “Wet waste and dry waste” became a routine in this institution towards ‘Go Clean and Go Green’.

The students were then asked to practice this habit in their homes and also to create awareness on segregation of ‘Wet waste and dry waste’ in their neighbourhood. While some students prepared labels like “My House Segregates Waste” and used them in their homes, a few others took part in the activity “toycon”, and prepared toys out of waste. The students who live in the independent houses were motivated to create a compost pit.

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