Orientation programme held for the parents of Pre-primary section

Orientation programme held for the parents of Pre-primary section

Keeping in mind that Education is a joint venture between the school and parents, an opportunity was given to peep into the functioning of the scholastic year for the new set of parents of pre-nursery and nursery of our school on Saturday, June 24th in the Nursery hall.

The programme commenced invoking the blessings of the Almighty by the nursery children. The Principal Sr Melissa welcomed Sr Asha Prima, the new joint secretary of the school. She also accorded a heartfelt welcome to the parents and gave a brief sketch of the learning that takes place at the nursery level. She further insisted on enquiry based learning for children. She appreciated and applauded the presence and the participation of the parents in large number.

The teachers then oriented the parents as follows:
• Teacher Babitha oriented on the topic “free play and conversation”.
• The washroom and snack break etiquettes were articulated by Teacher Philomena.
• How games support in the growth and development of a child was well explained by Teacher Sandhya.
• Teacher Sonia spoke about the positive impact of rhymes and stories.
• Teacher Deeksha gave a peep into the activities of the toddler group.

Sr Asha Prima, in her address advised the parents to have a two way communication with their children and to keenly observe their non verbal communication and guide them accordingly. She urged the parents to be loving, caring yet firm.

This was followed by an interaction session wherein the principal and the joint secretary answered all the queries of the parents. The vote of thanks was delivered by Teacher Sonia and teacher Babitha emceed the programme. The parents were happy to attend the orientation and get acquainted with the learning of their wards at the nursery level.

The orientation programme to the parents of LKG and UKG was held in the school auditorium, the main objective was to make the parents aware of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) at the foundational stage. Principal Sr Melissa welcomed the parents and urged them to have conversation with their child, also to be engaged, involved and eager on the growth and development of their child.

The LKG and UKG orientation was mainly on National Curriculum Framework.
• Teacher Sandra briefed the parents on the importance of learning by choice, learning by curiosity and learning by trial and error.
• Teacher Dayonara enthused the audience by briefing them about learning through conversation, stories and jingles.
• Learning through Art, Craft and Music was well articulated by Teacher Joyce.
• Nature the best teacher was explained clearly by Teacher Rita.
• Teacher Sumana stressed the importance of play and the different types of play.
• How indoor and outdoor games support the holistic development of a child was well explained by Teacher Swathi.

This was followed by an interaction session wherein the Principal and the teachers answered the queries of the parents.

Teacher Neetha emceed the programme and Teacher Sandra proposed the vote of thanks. The PowerPoint presentation enlightened the parents about the objectives and philosophy of the National Curriculum framework. It also gave a glimpse of the world that their little angels would explore in Mount Carmel Central School. The orientation winded up on a note of gratification and satisfaction.

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