Nursery Kids celebrate World Nature Conservation Day

Nursery Kids celebrate World Nature Conservation Day

The Nursery kids of our school celebrated the World Nature Conservation Day on July 28, 2022. The kids in green attire were the attraction of the day. The day began with prayer thanking God for the beautiful nature around them. The kids enjoyed the activity of colouring the leaf. Their teachers also assisted them to plant a few saplings.

Fruit bearing saplings planted in pots have yielded exotic fruits – guava, jamuns, rambortas, starfruit, lemon, borums etc though in small quantities, which the children see and enjoy. The shrubs in the campus give a meaningful value to the array of flowering plants. The spinach creeper adds hope. Aloevera, Tulasi and other medicinal plants, along with oxygen plants potted, support in keeping the environment healthy.

The entire nursery block amidst greenery indoor and outdoor helps in the joyful growth of the little nursery children – a promise to conserve nature in abundance at Maryhill campus and an abode for species of birds, from the tiny humming bird to the magnificent national bird, the peacock, adding cheerful chirping to all for a soothing living.

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