NCC Cadets of our School undertake Beach Cleaning Activity

NCC Cadets of our School undertake Beach Cleaning Activity

NCC cadets of our school under the aegis of 18 KAR NCC BATALLION undertook the Beach Cleaning activity as a part of “Puneet Sagar Abhiyan”.

The NCC cadets carried out Beach Cleaning at Mangalore’s prominent tourist attracted Panambur beach along with the cadets of Govt High School, Baikampady and other Naval cadets on the Morning of 2nd April 2022.

NCC had launched a nationwide campaign “Puneet Sagar Abhiyan” to clean the beaches which are discarded with non-biodegradable wastes specially plastics and also increase awareness about the importance of keeping our oceans free from plastics and reduce the usage.

The Campaign aims to propagate the message of the importance of clean beaches amongst the local population and the future generation, inculcating the motive to save ocean life in our minds.

The cadets were guided and instructed by Lt. Col. Amitabh Singh, Sub Vithal Lagah, Nb/Sub Manmohan Singh, BHM Shivaji Desai, CHM Bal Ram Das, CHM Kenchappa, MAV Sunni M. The Navel Cadets were under the guidance of Lt Commander Bharat Kumar, Po Amit Kumar, Po Vikash Kumar and the Govt. School Cadets of Baikampady were directed by their Principal and the officers.

Senior Cadets Sristhi U, Sudhan, Vashista, Pratham and Anjali Rajesh with other cadets were given the responsibility to interact with the public regarding their role as responsible citizens by taking up necessary methods. The Junior cadets on the other hand were divided into groups under the direction of officers and our school ANO Ms Teena. They cleaned the beach with zeal in a unitive manner keeping in mind the good intention. The waste was later disposed via Mangalore Municipality Corporation.

This Social Service activity was concluded with refreshments to all the cadets who participated in the programme.

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