Mission Kishore Uday Programme

Mission Kishore Uday Programme

‘Precious Teens, Precious Lives’ – an unique awareness programme on Prevention of Adolescent Suicide was conducted under the aegis of Indian Academy of Pediatrics, for the parents and staff and senior students of our School on November 10, 2018 by Doctors Amitha, Sahana, Shrishai and Preetham of A. J. Hospital and Research Centre, Mangaluru.

Awareness of the consequences of the misuse of the modern technology was created. The cyber crimes to which our children are a prey too was highlighted. Health issues due to continuous exposure to radiation of high frequency waves leading to brain tumors and mental health related problems were discussed. Guidelines to identify suicidal tendencies, means to support the teenagers in the right direction and to be a role model to teach the children by example was stressed the most.

Mr. Anand Mascarenhas, PTEC member thanked the A J Hospital and the team of doctors for their most needed talk to the parents

Later the team interacted with the teenagers and motivated them to follow a healthy life style. They were made aware of the need to share their concerns and worries with parents and trustworthy adults, manage time and stress well, adopt regular study habits and use digital media judiciously. The students expressed that the doctors inspired and filled them with hope especially when encountering difficult situations and that life is precious. The students were encouraged to strengthen the family bonds by their positive presence in their homes and always be a life saver.
Larrel Coutinha of Class X, the head girl of the school spoke on Peer Education module ‘together we stand – views on positive mental health’.

At the end, Mahindra of class XII, the head boy of the school thanked the team for the useful and enlightened session.

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