‘Love in action’ – Christmas 2017

‘Love in action’ – Christmas 2017

There is something about Christmas that makes it magical. The festive cheer in the air made the Infant Jesus Higher Primary School children hop to Mount Carmel Central School, Maryhill to have a combined celebration in the school Auditorium to make it more meaningful.

The programme was conducted by the students of Class V A and B with Mrs. and Mr. Ninan as guests for the celebration. The skit brought out the real meaning of Christmas from present day celebrations with pomp and gaiety to the traditional values with symbols. They stuck to the familiar Christmas Carols and the dance of the angels bringing in a spirit of joy and peace to the people of good will. The children of Infant Jesus Primary School also gave the same message through dances and their performance was appreciated by all.

The eight differently abled adults from Veronica Vihar joined in the celebration. The sharing of Kuswar along with a gift packet to the children of Infant Jesus and inmates of Veronica Vihar made all believe that Christmas has and will always be but ‘love in action’. The chief guest Mr. Ninan, retired forest officer, also highlighted the spirit of Christmas as caring and sharing, especially with the less fortunate. The entire school was in a festive mood as teachers and students shared Kuswar with one another in their classrooms.

The kindergarten children celebrated Christmas on the previous day, sharing Kuswar and cake among themselves, rejoicing and dancing to the tune of Jingle bells along with Santa’s. They were very excited to visit the differently abled adults around 40 from the city who gathered at Veronica Vihar, Vijaymari Technical Institute for a Christmas get together. They shook hands with these less fortunate adults, wishing them Happy Christmas. There was life, cheer, joy and all joined in the dance as they sang the Christmas carols. The two teachers dressed as Santa’s added fun and glees making the whole group rejoice with the good tidings of the Birth of the Saviour. The sharing of Kuswar with them bonded the normal and challenged into one family as children of God.

The magic that true Christmas weaves will not fade and we look forward to Christmas 2018 to strengthen the bonds of Mount Carmel Family.

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