Kindergarten Graduation Day 2019

Kindergarten Graduation Day 2019

March 28, 2019 was a day of rejoicing for all of us at Mount Carmel. Our students of UKG, so very beautiful and sprightly, dressed in their graduation robes and caps, received a standing ovation as they marched into the venue along with the Chief Guest Dr. Vivian Roshan D’Almeida and his spouse Dr. Joylene D’Almeida, Principal Sr. Melissa and the members of the management.

Teacher Joyce welcomed the guests with warm words and the little ones of the Nursery welcomed the august gathering with their graceful moves. It was heartwarming to hear the little graduates express their emotions with words of gratitude. The principal Sr. Melissa with joy and gratefulness in her heart conferred the title on the graduates.
The graduation song sung by 145 graduates caught the attention of the audience not only with its lyrics but also by the synchrony and the discipline in the students.

The chief guest of the day Dr. Vivian in his convocation address congratulated the students, acknowledged the vision of the management, applauded the toil of the staff and urged the young parents to practice discipline and respect in the little ones and more importantly, to teach them to live in harmony.

The most awaited moment was when the little ones received their very first diploma along with their parents from the chief guests. The hall was filled with thunderous rounds of applause and the flashing light of cameras in the hands of the bold and the beautiful.

The students of LKG and Nursery added colour by their colourful and vibrant dances. Teacher Sandra delivered the vote of thanks. The programme was emceed crisply and meticulously by Teacher Richa. The Graduation Day ended with selfies, smiles and snacks.

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