Kindergarten explores the sky

Kindergarten explores the sky

‘A child, more than everything is a spontaneous observer of nature’, rightly said Maria Montessori. In a time of haste, where children do not have this pleasure or privilege as in the olden times – we in our school take time to create a space and opportunity for our children to get a glimpse of nature’s finest, especially the all encompassing sky!

Half-century since humans first landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, the tiny tots of our school will begin to open their little minds to such huge possibilities of human excellence and maybe, begin dreaming of a time when they can take such big leaps of human progress. Engaging children in the natural world will instill in them an inquisitive eye to appreciate and revere Nature, in all her marvelous glory.

The inauguration was very unique. The Principal Sr. Melissa symbolically propelled the rocket to the moon amidst excitement and thunderous applause. The U.K.G. sections had a display of the rainy dance under the rainy sky, the night sky with the moon and twinkling stars, the movement of the sun during the day and the different planets and objects visible in the sky.

The L.K.G. sections displayed planet earth with rich foliage enriching it with their action songs and the tiny babes of Nursery with rainbow dances and kites playing in the sky.

This was possible because of the creative tweaking of Kindergarten teachers. They brought ‘space’ into their classrooms. Hats off to them…

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