Guru Vandana – 2016

Guru Vandana – 2016

It is said, “A teacher plants the seeds of knowledge, sprinkles them with love and patiently nurtures their growth to produce tomorrow’s dreams.”

Teachers’ Day at MCCS was celebrated not only for one day, but two days. On September 1, 2016, the School Cabinet organized games for both the teaching and non-teaching staff members. It was an afternoon off for them from all their busy work schedules to rejuvenate themselves by having fun and relaxation. Games such as Needle and Coin, Dumb Charades, balloon bursting etc were made to be played. The entire Staff had a great time playing and reminiscing the joys of playing these games during their ‘student years’. It was loved and praised by everyone.

Enthusiasm and festivity marked the Teachers Day celebrations on September 3, 2016 as students decorated their respective classes to welcome their teachers in a special way. Some students had even got cakes and had a small thanks-giving session in their respective classes. Later on in the day, both the teaching and non-teaching staffs were given a grand welcome for the cultural programme organized by the Cabinet along with the students of classes VIII – XII. Each of the Staff members was handed with a ‘Rose’ flower, which is considered to be enduring symbol for love, appreciation, beauty and fragrance – denoting the value of a Teacher in their life.

The programme began by seeking the blessings of almighty and thanking him for the gift of a ‘Teacher’ in our life and to shower his love in abundance for the selfless labour of love shown by the teachers of MCCS. The cultural programme was a subtle blend of music, drama, dance, mime etc which left the teachers enthralled. Spot games were also conducted at regular intervals. The students got a chance to express their love, respect, gratitude and affection towards their mentors. The teachers in turn appreciated the hard work and creative performances of the students.

Sr. Melissa A.C, the Principal spoke on the occasion and thanked the students for their efforts to put up a scintillating programme to show their love and appreciation towards their teachers. Highlighting the achievements of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was a true role model and India’s most influential scholars she said: “We the teachers should follow his path and be a guiding light to children.”

The programme was compeered by Lisha, Rhea, Roshna and Florida of class X along with Saanvi Mohan and Abdul Kader Sahal of class VIII. Prithika Correa proposed the Vote of Thanks. It was indeed a memorable day for the teachers as well as the students.

The Management, in the noon had arranged a small get-together followed by luncheon for the staff for their contribution to the school and the nation at large. Sr. Maria Jyothi A.C, Joint Secretary of the school, Sr. Carissima A.C, Administrator, Sr. Melissa A.C, Principal, Sr. Snehal A.C, Vice Principal of the school were present to grace the event. Sr Dorothy who had come from Africa was the special guest.

Speaking on the occasion Sr. Maria Jyothi said that the ‘Teachers are the backbone of the nation for they are like a candle that consumes itself to light the way for others.’ She added that there is no doubt about the fact that it takes an incredible amount of dedication, knowledge and patience to teach a class full of present day students, who are sharp, inquisitive and real go-getters. She concluded saying “Commitment and responsibility to this noble profession makes these teachers’ real heroes in the daily life of the students.’

Sr. Dorothy narrated an incident about how teachers play a crucial role in the life of a student. She also recalled her own teacher who has been an inspiration in her life and how even after years of her passing out from the school made it a point to visit her when she came to Mangalore.

Recreation in the form of games, song and dance was organized to make this day a memorable and cherished one. The staff was presented with (saris for ladies and trousers for male) as a token of appreciation by the management. Miss Silvia, one of the senior teachers thanked the management for the wonderful time they bestowed in appreciating the little contribution by the staff. All-in-all it was a memorable day in-deed to be remembered, cherished to be loved not just by the students but also the management.