Gandhi Jayanthi 2017

Gandhi Jayanthi 2017

Keeping in mind the legacy of Truth, Honesty and Ahimsa which was left behind for you and me by a man of modest living and noble thinking ‘Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’.

The students of class II C and D paid a befitting tribute as on 28/09/2017. The programme commenced paying homage to the father of our nation by the students who offered flowers of gratitude and spoke with confidence and pride about the qualities of Gandhiji and more so of how he practiced the virtues of truth, honesty and ahimsa in his daily life.

As a take away message for the students, a skit depicting Gandhiji’s thirst for honesty at a small age of 7 years was courageously enacted. Chief guest of the day our very own Ms. Jyotsna applauded the students for their stage programme and gave her message about Gandhiji’s quality ‘to practice what he preached’ in a short story which was very appealing.

The students of class VI A and VIII C depicted the values of Gandhiji through dance, skit and mime. Praise and gratefulness to our Almighty was raised through words and dance. An apt reading from the Holy book ‘Bible’ Galatians 5:13-15 was read out. In which is mentioned to use freedom to love and serve rather than misuse it for self-indulgence.

The Chief Guest of the day Sr. Snehal A.C. the Vice Principal emphasized these value in her speech. The stage programme ended on a serene tune of ‘sabarmati sant’ which indeed Gandhiji was.

On the 2nd the programme continued in deeds celebrating ‘The Mahatma’ through a cleanliness drive within the school campus and its vicinity. Gandhiji propogated that “Education is drawing out the best in the child- mind, body and soul”. Keeping this ideology in mind the students of MCCS awakened The Mahatma in each of them.

The cabinet members of Mount Carmel collaborated with the members of the Rotary Club Mangalore to clean the area near CODP and Padua Institutions. The students and our teachers along with the Rotary Club members distributed flyers to each household in the locality. They picked up the thrash on the road and actively participated in the Swatch Bharat Abhiyan programme. Everyone dispersed with the aim of practicing to keep their surroundings clean and green in the future.

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