Exciting Reopening Ceremony

Exciting Reopening Ceremony

The eagerly awaited reopening of our school for the academic year 2024-25 commenced on May 29th, 2024 for grades I to X and XII and May 30th for UKG students, amidst an atmosphere brimming with enthusiasm and anticipation. The school auditorium, filled to its capacity, witnessed the students, staff, and faculty, all eager to embark on a new educational journey.

The program began with a solemn invocation ceremony led by the grade X students, setting a respectful tone for the rest of the event. Following this, the Principal, Sr. Melissa, took the stage to accord a warm and heartfelt welcome address. Amidst her words of welcome, Sr. Melissa took a moment to honor the departing staff members, acknowledging their contributions to the school. She then proceeded to introduce the new additions to the staff, each greeted with a symbolic rose by Administrator Sr. Carissima, signifying a gesture of welcome and appreciation.

In her address, Sr. Melissa introduced the new staff coordinators for various grades while vice principal Sr Therese Teena greeted them with a rose. She also took the opportunity to announce the outstanding achievements of the students in the recently concluded grade X and XII examinations. With pride, she recognized the top performers, inspiring the coming batches of grade X and XII to strive for excellence.

Furthermore, Sr. Melissa took the time to elucidate upon the school’s vision and mission statements, emphasizing their significance in guiding the educational journey of every student. She urged the students to imbibe the values encapsulated within these statements and encouraged them to collaborate with their teachers for a more enriching learning experience, using a simple clap analogy to illustrate teamwork. Additionally, she emphasized the importance of adhering to the school’s rules and regulations, fostering a disciplined and conducive learning environment.

Administrator Sr. Carissima shared a brief yet impactful message with the students, urging them to be keen listeners and excel academically through cooperation. Finally, the program concluded on a melodious note, with the grade X students delivering a heartfelt rendition of the school song, encapsulating the spirit of unity and pride, as they embarked on a new academic year filled with endless possibilities and opportunities for growth.

After the welcome assembly, the class teachers met the students in their respective classrooms and oriented them about the school and its functioning. The students were happy, enthusiastic and energised themselves for a wonderful new academic year 2024-25.

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