Environment Day Celebration & Cabinet Inagural

Environment Day Celebration & Cabinet Inagural


The celebration of World Environment Day and inauguration of new cabinet was a significant start of the new academic year 2019-20.

A meaningful programme was presented by the members of “Young Global Citizen’s Club” emceed by Dale Sequeira of Class XB and Fatima Shoaib of Class XC. The programme began by invoking God’s blessings through a prayer. V.S Prathvi of IXC welcomed the Chief Guest Sr. Marie Lucy, Joint Secretary of the School, who was offered a Neem Plant as a sign of welcome by the Head boy Glen Philip Sequeira. A PowerPoint presentation on “Beat the Air Pollution”, the theme of this year’s Environment Day was then displayed which spoke much louder than words ever could. The boys of class 9 presented a touching mime on how destruction of the environment could eventually lead to our destruction, with the message, ‘Save the environment’.

The new cabinet for the year 2019-2020 was then ceremoniously inaugurated. The Principal Sr. Melissa led the Head boy Glen Philip Sequeira of Class XII and the Head girl Boomika Arun of Class X in the oath-taking ceremony. The cabinet members and the house leaders then took their oaths. The Principal, Joint Secretary and Vice-Principal then pinned the badges on the leaders. The Head boy expressed his gratitude to the school management and faculty for his nomination and assured the school his cabinet’s total commitment and dedication to the school.
A heart-rending skit by the students of class IX and class X highlighted the terrible and traumatic effects of air pollution.

The Chief Guest Sr. Marie Lucy congratulated the Cabinet Leaders for their courage and generosity in pledging to do their best for the school. She highlighted nine points that a leader should have: The strong desire to serve the institution, commitment, responsibility, hard work, character, confidence, generous spirit of service, determination (positive power of persistence) and pride of achievement and performance. She spelled out the duties of the cabinet leaders and the nature and characteristics of a good cabinet leader. She also appreciated the staff and students for putting up an apt programme on this occasion.

The programme ended with vote of thanks by Ms. Adel D’Souza of class XB.

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