Decennial Jubilee thanksgiving Eucharist at Mount Carmel

Decennial Jubilee thanksgiving Eucharist at Mount Carmel

“What thanks can I render Thee, for the gifts thou has showered on me”- These words of the Psalmist flowed from the hearts of the family of Mount Carmel Central School as we celebrated the Decennial Jubilee thanksgiving Eucharist this morning. To the melodious entrance Hymn “Jubilate” sung by the choir, the procession of the altar servers together with the celebrants – Fr. Sterwin Fernando SCJ and Fr. Santhosh Kamath SJ proceeded towards the Altar.

Larrel Coutinho of class IX in the introduction enumerated the marvelous deeds God has done in and through Mount Carmel Central School in the lives of the students, teachers, parents and management during the 10 years.
Rev Fr. Santhosh Kamath SJ through his homily helped the Carmel family to re-live the nostalgic experience of the initial years of Mount Carmel. Just like the mustard seed parable of the Gospel, the school has grown mightily from a mere strength of 136 in the year 2008 to around 1800 now in 2017. The rocky ground of Maryhill is now flourishing with greenery because of the voice vibrations of thousands of school children. Isn’t it God’s mighty work, questioned Fr. Santhosh to the audience. The students prayed for the various intensions of the school. A number of students and parents joined in the offertory procession with their gifts to be shared with the needy.

A thanksgiving prayer after communion by Preethika Correa of Class IX, and a hymn of gratitude sung with devotion evoked affectionate sentiments in the hearts of all. The choir helped all gathered to celebrate the Eucharist in a meaningful way. Thus it was truly a glorious solemn thanksgiving to God by the family of Mount Carmel for all the blessings He bestowed on the school for the past 10 years.

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