Celebration of School Feast – Our Lady of Mount Carmel, 2021

Celebration of School Feast – Our Lady of Mount Carmel, 2021

The Annual School Feast of our Lady of Mount Carmel was celebrated virtually on 15th July, 2021.

Dedicating the day to Mary, the Queen and Beauty of Carmel, the day began with Holy Mass at the Maryhill Chapel resonating with Mother Mary’s blessings. The celebrant Fr Rovel DSouza OCD in his homily illustrated about the three types of people in the world; one like the touch-me-not plant, benefiting oneself; the second like the candle, providing light to a limited periphery and finally he introduced the gathering to the last kind of people defining them to be water, mixing and creating oneness with everything it touches, thereby creating harmony in the society. The Staff Choir made the liturgy lively by their melodious singing.

After the Mass, the teachers furnished a cultural extravaganza for the students, parents and the viewers telecasted live on the school’s YouTube channel. Connecting the devotion from the heart of every member of the school, the program began with a prayer service followed by a prayer dance, invoking the divine presence effortlessly.

Capturing the glory of Mother Mary, the Patroness of Mount Carmel and the joy of the feast, Sr Melissa, the Principal welcomed and addressed the gathering on the significance of celebrating the Patroness’ Day that provides values for the generations to come. Symbolizing and signifying the life of Mother Mary, Mr Suman and Master Gavin presented the ‘Stretch of legacy’. The feast further progressed to the most awaited part, a musical drama exploring with devotion, the life of Mary, Mother of Mount Carmel.

Ms Reshma proposed the vote of thanks, bowing with gratitude to the blessings showered upon us. The programme was compared by Ms Ananya Sneha and Ms Caroline.

As the celebration kickstarted with a feeling of joy and oneness, the School hopes to be filled with the laughter and presence of its dear students soon. The celebration ended with a staff get-together enjoying the group games conducted by Ms Neetha Pais and then moving towards the relishing lunch counter for a fellowship meal.

It was something beautiful to be in the company of ‘Mount Carmel Family’, reflecting, relaxing and rejoicing.

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