Celebration of International Mother Language Day 2023

Celebration of International Mother Language Day 2023

India, being a home of so many languages and dialects, is often described as a ‘museum of languages.’

International Mother Language Day 2023 was celebrated in our School on February 21, 2023 by the students of grade VI C and D. This was to promote awareness among the students of linguistic and cultural diversity and foster love for the Mother language, in the disappearances of languages across the world.

The celebration began with the opening prayer in Tulu, Bengali, Hindi, Gujrati and Malayalam, followed by scripture reading from the Bible, Bhagavad Gita and Quran, prayer song in Konkani, Kannada and Tulu and the universal prayer in Konkani. The programme continued by welcoming the chief guest traditionally by offering “pan-pod, udaak and god” (betel leaves, water and jaggery).

In addition, the significance of the day was presented through a skit highlighting the theme ‘multilingual education – a necessity to transform education’.

We at Mount Carmel are privileged to have students and teachers speaking different languages adding diversity which enhances the beauty of life which otherwise would be boring. A video was presented showing this diversity of languages in our school.

A dance that showcased the diversity of Multilanguage by the students unfolded the cultures and traditions of India. A vibrant group of students uplifted the spirit of oneness among the audience through their melodious singing of the multilingual song.

The celebration ended with a message by the chief guest, our own teacher Neena DSouza. She started her message wittily greeting the students in Tulu, Konkani and Hindi and urged them to foster love for the mother language as a primary tool for understanding and communication. The students emceed the programme enthusiastically in different mother languages, entertaining the audience with their wit and humour.

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