Celebration of Feast of Nativity and Nature Festivals

Celebration of Feast of Nativity and Nature Festivals

Our family impacts us most. The values or voices children learn from their parents in their families remain throughout their life. If the father is head of the family, mother is the heart of the family. The MCCS family celebrated virtually the feast of Nativity and other nature festivals on September 8th.

A mother’s birthday is a day of joyous celebration in a family. 8th September is the birthday of Mother Mary which is celebrated as a family feast, along with the sharing of blessed corn the first fruits bearing of mother Earth to greet our heavenly Mother on her birthday.

Our tiny tots of Kindergarten took us through the devotional and traditional way of greeting Mother Mary through the gifts of nature on her birthday. This is the local culture too as the harvest festival is celebrated by all. Therefore the celebration of the birthday of Mother Mary becomes a popular custom along the coastal region and is looked forward for the family members to be in their ancestral home.

Together with the kids of kindergarten on the feast of Nativity, the tender hearts of little ones of classes I to III gave us a glimpse of the local festivals – Onam, Moharaam, Ganesh Chaturthi and Pongal, in their own innocent way to make everyone be at home with our common Home, the Earth.

Along with the kids, the whole MCCS family joins in wishing everyone a happy Nature Festival. May Mother Mary on her Birthday bless and intercede for all of us, specially all the mothers and the girl child in the family. Happy Monti Fest to all.

Kindly click on the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MixtWdF6vc&t=228s to view the programme.

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