Celebrating Christmas with the students of neighbouring schools

Celebrating Christmas with the students of neighbouring schools

When you give up yourself, that’s when you will feel the true spirit of Christmas. And that’s giving, that’s serving others and that’s when you feel fulfilled. Classes VI A and VI B put up a short yet spirited Christmas programme on the 22nd of December 2018 in the school auditorium.

The programme began with the lighting of the Advent Candles. A meaningful prayer service led by class VI interspersed with carols, reflected the joyous spirit of Christmas. The manger was decorated by the students – one by one, a student from each class, representing their class along with a few teachers, came in a procession to decorate and build up the manger as the choir sang the Carol, “Long time ago in Bethlehem”. This was followed by a prayer dance invoking God’s blessings on the gathering.

Haneen of class VI A then warmly welcomed the audience and the welcome found expression in a lively dance, “Light of the World”.

Christmas is all about love, sharing and caring. With this thought, the special invitees of the programme were the students of neighbouring Infant Jesus Higher Primary School. A special item from them, a beautiful dance related to the life of Jesus, kept the audience spellbound and MCCS reciprocated with a Kannada Musical Dance Drama followed by a lively celebration dance, spreading the message of peace and joy everywhere.

A very meaningful message to the students from Sr. Carissima, the administrator of the school, reminded students that one should not only build a crib externally but internally as well – ‘Build a crib in your hearts’. She spoke about the light of Jesus which reflected joy, love and hope. The Christmas message rang out loud and clear, bringing to mind that love is the very essence of Christ and therefore the essence of Christmas. The auditorium vibrated with claps and cheer to the popular song “Feliz Navidad”.

The Principal Sr. Melissa then appreciated the efforts of class VI A and B for putting up a very meaningful and lively programme. She particularly appreciated the children from Infant Jesus Primary School for their inspiring contribution to the programme. She wished everyone a happy Christmas and a prosperous and peaceful new year 2019.

Jay and Ananya compared the programme and Saashrika proposed the vote of thanks. The students then celebrated Christmas in their classrooms, sharing cake and kuswar with each other.

The highlight of the programme was the reiteration of the Christmas spirit of ‘sharing and caring’ as the students of classes VI A, B and XI brought and distributed gifts and sweets to the children of the Infant Jesus Higher Primary School. Students of class XI went to Ramashrama Primary School to distribute Christmas sweets. How great was their joy to partake in the Christmas celebrations, even as Christmas kuswar and juice, generous contribution of Class XI students were shared with them. Thus the expression of love, joy, caring and sharing was reflected in the love that embraced the students of Infant Jesus and Ramashrama Schools and inmates of Veronica Vihar and brought them into fold of the MCCS family. A true Christmas indeed!!!

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