Awareness on Dengue

Awareness on Dengue

An awareness programme on Dengue was held for the students of our school to create and spread awareness about this dreaded disease as the number of dengue cases in the city is on the rise. Dr. Archana Bhat, Associate Professor, Dept. of Medicine, Fr. Muller’s Hospital was the resource person.

Dr. Archana explained to the students the causes and prevention of Dengue through a PowerPoint presentation. Dengue was caused by a virus that had entered the country and was transmitted by the female species of a particular mosquito called Aedes. She explained that the mosquito needed water to breed and laid up to 300 eggs at a time in stagnant water.

Symptoms of the disease were headache, fever, vomiting and muscle/joint pain. She reassured the students that people rarely died of dengue, and the deaths that had occurred were mainly due to complications that arose from the disease.

Since the mosquito needs stagnant water in which to breed, the best prevention is to deny it of the same. She warned students not to allow any water to stagnate around the house, even in flower pots/gardens. Stored water should be covered. Another thing that attracts the mosquitoes is smell, so dustbins need to be covered and surroundings kept clean and free of dirt and water. The doctor urged students to spread awareness of the disease amongst all people.

The programme ended with question time. The students were enthusiastic, very interested and had many questions which the doctor answered with a smile.

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