Annual Sports Meet of Pre-Nursery & Nursery 2024

Annual Sports Meet of Pre-Nursery & Nursery 2024

The Annual Sports Meet for Pre-Nursery and Nursery kids was organized on January 17, 2024. The Nursery campus was like busy hive. All the kids were on their toes. They were thrilled to be outside the class for a longer period of time. The colourful balloons and ribbons spiked the celebration.

The day started with a prayer song sung by their mentors. Sr Asha Prima A.C, the Joint Secretary of the school welcomed the gathering and wished the children ‘the very best’, followed by a creative welcome dance by student Kanishk. The senior sisters of Vijaymari Convent joined in inaugurating the Sports Meet and bursted the colourful balloons. A group of students performed a drill dance and entertained the gathering.

This was followed by the events like passing the hat, picking pebbles, passing the ball, aiming the ball, running etc. The winners proudly took their place on the victory stand to receive their medals. Tr Sonia compered the event while Tr Sandhya proposed the vote of thanks. At the end, the students enjoyed the juice. The day was indeed sportive filled with thrill, competition and joy.

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