Annual Sports Meet for the Kindergarten kids

Annual Sports Meet for the Kindergarten kids

“You can continue to play Sports into your old age, if you start at a young age” With this in mind, the Annual Sports Meet of the Kindergarten section for 2019-20 was held on this day, not only with fun and frolic but also with the spirit of sports to win.

The kids participated in various events like running race, frog race, rabbit race, obstacle race, tossing the ring, ball games and book balance. The little feet tapped when they ran the race and the tiny hands joyfully clapped and cheered for their peers. At the end, they relished the Badam milk that was served to them. When the winners stood proudly on the victory stand to be felicitated, the others saw stars in their eyes for a winning tomorrow.

Though young at age, the following exclamations of some of the UKG kids at the end eased the fatigue of the teachers who took the responsibility of conducting the various events:

  • “All of us participated but some of us won, I too won.”
  • “The medals were shining like the stars.”
  • ” I enjoyed tossing the ring game.”
  • ” I did not win but I was happy when my best friend won.”
  • “Next year when I go to class I, I too will win.”
  • “I got a 3rd place in running race but next year I want to get the gold.”
  • “I was happy to cheer for my friends when they ran.”

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