An Emotional Valedictory Function for Classes X and Xii

An Emotional Valedictory Function for Classes X and Xii

Our school bid a tearful adieu to its class X and XII students on Saturday, February 9, 2019. This wonderful day began with a farewell Mass offered by Rev. Fr. Sterwin Fernando, SCJ at Vijaymari Convent Chapel. The liturgy was prepared by class 8 with appropriate readings and hymns. At the end of the Mass, Fr. Sterwin prayed for every Class X and XII students by laying hands over them.

Students of classes IX and XI outdid themselves arranging a short and very meaningful programme. The outgoing students were welcomed uniquely into the auditorium right from the front gate by a ‘Chende Mela’ beautifully and rhythmically performed by students of class IX. A short prayer service with a prayer song ‘Thank You Lord’ was very appropriate for the occasion. The lighting of the lamp was done in the traditional way, with the light being shared to all the outgoing students as the shloka “Asathoma Sadgamaya, Thamasoma Jyothirgamaya, Mrithyorma Amrithamgamaya” was chanted.

After a cordial welcome by Arundhati and Sana of Class IX, the hall reverberated with the sound of feet tapping as the stage was filled with a troop of lively dancers, which set spirits soaring. ‘The Nightingales of Class IX’ as the emcees called them, soothed the audience with their melodious voices through a couple of inspirational songs. Rachana and Dale of Class IX then shared their experiences with their seniors and wished them well.

Students of Class XI then paid their tribute to the outgoing students with a few songs. A medley of old favourites, such as “I’ll be there for you”, were put together which touched every outgoing heart. There was a surprise item planned for the gathering, performed by Vinol of class XII, who sang a heart-rending farewell song. The class XI then enacted a short skit. The message came in loud and clear – “Be yourself. Don’t take failure as something shameful, instead take it as a motivating factor to work harder and do better. A dance medley followed. There was a touching movie presentation which featured most of the outgoing students from their earliest days at our school. The boys of class IX then performed a fast-moving fusion dance with quick steps that set every heart throbbing. Mementos were distributed to the outgoing students from their immediate juniors.

Prateeksha, on behalf of class XII shared some of her experiences and fond memories of our school, while Mahindra, headboy presented a token of love and gratitude to the Principal. Larrel, the headgirl and Nikhita on behalf of class X, also expressed their gratitude to the school. They too presented the Principal their token of love. Shreya K of Class X proposed the vote of thanks, thanking the management, staff and her juniors for the love showered on them through the touching farewell programme, while Siddanth and Bhuvi of class IX compared the programme.

Sr. Carissima thanked the outgoing students for their contribution to Mount Carmel; their vibrant and positive energy radiated throughout the school which kept everyone young, active and vibrant. She brought out the importance of being kind and respectful, as no matter what one achieved in life, she said, that in the end all that would be remembered would be what touched another’s heart.

Principal Sr. Melissa in her valedictory address asked three things of the students: “i) Keep your faith and trust in God. “Hold on to God in all challenging situations, come what may ii) Have respect for elders, parents, teachers and all others, as it is when you respect others that you will earn respect in return and iii) Always keep the school motto before you – “Higher and Nobler”. No matter how high you go in life, whatever may be your achievements and success, keep to the nobler values your alma mater instilled in you during your study at our school. Never look down on the less fortunate; be kind and generous to the poor and God will bless you abundantly”.

The programme ended with the distribution of mementos to the outgoing students, blessings by their teachers and a fellowship lunch together.